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QuickSet is an insulated, internally braced, permanent formwork system.

Being a World First this patented system is a game changer and will change the housing market.


With QuickSet you are getting a fully insulated foundation, installed easily and quickly all for the same cost as a conventional raft. Made out of 100% recyclable materials and coupled with QPOD™’s earth friendly flooring system QuickSet achieves a massive R value of 2.7.

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QuickSet features a click together fitting system as simple as lego, the simpleness of the system has even crossed over into our instructions. Easy to follow visual instructions done with images, allow anyone of any language to use this system.
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Components of QuickSet

• DPM Layer
• Insulated base member and form
• Stirrups
• Top Cap and I section
• QPOD™ - Earth friendly pod system
• Steel and reinforcing mesh
• Concrete

Components of QuickSet
QuickSet Top Cap QuickSet Insulated Form QuickSet Form Rail QuickSet Insulation Panel QuickSet Form Receiver QuickSet Stirrup QuickSet Stirrup Lock QuickSet Insulated Base Member

QuickSet Top Cap

Aluminium top cap clip on to lock the form work together with a single screw on each corner Aluminium I section for easy joining of our boards. Requires no other fixing. Slots into place. Not shown here but list on the left.

QuickSet Insulated Form

QuickSet insulated form only requires a basic straight cut for fitting as all our corners are pre made for easy install onsite.

QuickSet Form Rail

Pre slotted form rail is moulded into back of the form for easy stirrup lock

QuickSet Insulation Panel

H Grade poly insert bringing the side wall insulation to R.92.

QuickSet Form Receiver

Form receiver seating the form in place.

QuickSet Stirrup

Stirrup is designed to hold reinforcement steel as well as internally brace the form.

QuickSet Stirrup Lock

Stirrup lock locks the back of the stirrup in place.

QuickSet Insulated Base Member

Our custom composite base H Grade poly holds snugly in place the form receiver and stirrup lock while providing insulation.

Points of benefit

QuickSet is simple and quick to order using our online ordering calculator, arriving to site flat pack for easy installation. Only straight cuts onsite are needed with a hand saw, as all other pieces come ready made.

Being a flat pack boxing system QuickSet saves on space in transportation.


  • Quick and easy installation, click together system
  • Pegless system
  • Fully insulated slab, total R value 2.7
  • No need to strip formwork and no waste
  • Same price range as conventional raft foundation systems
  • Removable corners allowing easy access for reinforcement placement
  • All reinforcement steel including mesh is held perfectly in place giving an uncompromised concrete coverage

why chose QuickSet

advantages over traditional boxing systems
Transportation and Storage

QuickSet is a flat packed system, designed to cut down on space QuickSet arrives to site on pallet as a complete package.

Fast Simple System

Simple click together system as simple as lego, with insulation incorporated into the system, providing an insulated form all in one. Built in a third of the time of a conventional standard raft foundation.


QuickSet sits in the same price range as traditional raft foundations giving you added benefit of insulation for zero dollars.

QuickSet and QPOD™

QuickSet can be also be supplied by our own in house Foundations team. QuickSet Foundations uses QPOD™ earth friendly pod system which when used in conjunction with Allied READY Super Slab in a ‘Raft’ configuration provide a CodeMark solution, requiring no additional engineering on standard ‘good ground’ situations.

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QuickSet Foundations

QuickSet Foundations are experts in installing QuickSet system. The QuickSet Foundations team have years of experience under their built including being part of the rebuild in Christchurch. Whether it be spilt level, block work or simple raft foundation they can do it all.

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