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QuickSet is
FULLY INSULATED, Internally Braced, Permanent Formwork System

The Next Generation Foundation 

The QuickSet system provides a fully insulated foundation which includes QuickSet’s pre-finished insulated side wall panel and full blanket ground insulation providing a fully thermally broken slab. QuickSet’s form (side wall) is pre-finished in grey with a protective wrap to be removed before building is finished. 

The QuickSet System achieves a range of R values from 3.5 to 4.5, in conjunction with Allied Superslab.

QuickSet is made in New Zealand, with our plastic components being made from 100% NZ recycled plastics.

Nationwide QuickSet is installed by our own in house foundation teams, being experts in installing the QuickSet system.

QuickSet will soon be moving to licensed installers around New Zealand. 

Components of QuickSet

• DPM Layer
• QuickSet Insulated base member and form
• QuickSet Stirrups and widgets
• QuickSet Aluminium Extrusions;
Top Cap, back rail, joiner and corner connectors
• QPOD™ - Earth friendly pod system
• Steel and reinforcing mesh
• Concrete

Components of QuickSet
QuickSet Top Cap QuickSet Back Rail QuickSet Stirrup Widget QuickSet Insulated Form QuickSet Form Receiver QuickSet Stirrup QuickSet Stirrup Lock QuickSet Insulated Base Member

QuickSet Top Cap

Aluminium top cap clips onto the back rail. It comes in two sizes allowing for either an 85 mm slab topping or a 100 mm slab topping. It also gives the ability to heighten as needed.

QuickSet Back Rail

Back Rail clips onto the top of the insulated form, ready for stirrup widgets to be slided on.

Our additional aluminium extrusions (not shown here), makes for easy joining of our boards at joins and corners. Requiring no other fixing, simply slotting into place.

QuickSet Stirrup Widget

Stirrup widget’s slide onto the back rail, allowing for stirrups to be clipped on as and where needed. Made from 100% recycled plastic.

QuickSet Insulated Form

QuickSet insulated form only requires a basic straight cut for fitting as all our corners are pre made for easy install onsite.

QuickSet Form Receiver

QuickSet form receiver locks the form in place.

QuickSet Stirrup

The stirrup (made from 100% recycled plastic) holds reinforcement steel as well as internally bracing the form. Two widgets come on every stirrup allowing for a snug connection to the back rail, and the ability to connect a stirrup every 300 mm.

QuickSet Stirrup Lock

Stirrup lock secures the stirrup in place.

QuickSet Insulated Base Member

Our custom composite base H Grade poly holds snugly in place the form receiver and stirrup lock while providing insulation.

QuickSet Highlights

  • Fully insulated slab, ability to increase R value from 3.5 to 4.5*
  • Suitable for both 90 mm and 140 mm framing
  • Fully insulated brick rebate
  • Pre finished side wall
  • Ability to take any pod system, from poly pods to plastic pods to water rentention/dention pods
  • Quick and easy installation, click together system
  • Pegless system
  • Quicker timeline onsite as no stripping of formwork required = no returns to site once poured
  • All reinforcement steel including mesh is held perfectly in place giving an uncompromised concrete coverage
  • *Get in touch to find out how

why chose a QuickSet Insulated Foundation

advantages over other insulated foundation systems
Transportation and Storage

Designed to cut down on space QuickSet arrives to site on pallet as a complete package.

Fast Simple System

Simple click together system,providing insulation and permanent formwork all in one. Timelines are reduced by system being internally braced, and also being permanent formwork there is no stripping.


Saves on labour costs and reduces timelines. 

QuickSet Foundations

The QSF teams have years of experience and 1000’s of raft installs under their belt.  

Whether the QuickSet Insulated Foundation be a simple insulated raft, or split level detail, block work footings, or deepened footing detailing, if it’s a QuickSet Insulated Foundation they can do it all. The QuickSet System has various adaptions to work in with any special detailing.

Let the experts be expert at what they do, and leave the foundations to us. Taking care of the install, pour and control cuts. Our teams are the best at what they do. 

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QuickSet Foundations & QPOD™

QuickSet Foundations preferred pod system to use with QuickSet is QPOD™. 


QPOD™ is an earth friendly pod system not only NZ made and owned but also produced from 100% recycled plastics. QPOD™ cuts down on transport space and storage onsite, fantastic for tight sites! It is quick to install, and not being polystyrene assists with a clean site, no more finding poly beads in your garden for years to come.


The QuickSet QPOD Insulated Foundation is an unrivalled, next generation foundation and can achieve a combined R value of between 3.0 to 3.7.


Allied READY Super Slab QPOD is a CodeMark solution, for the inside of the foundation. Requiring no additional engineering on standard ‘good ground’ situations. Get in touch to see if your foundation could fit the criteria for CodeMark.

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