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QuickSet was designed from the ground up as a new way to brace concrete that makes sense, and it required a rethink of how we do things in the building industry. By using insulation as the formwork and our patented internal bracing mechanisms, we’ve simplified and improved the build process for foundations.
We then went one step further by ensuring we developed a system that was as environmentally-friendly as possible. From day one, our vision has been to incorporate as much recycled plastic into our systems as possible.
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Our Sustainability Mission

As part of our goal to reclaim as much plastic waste as possible, we use recycled polypropylene plastic to form our stirrups and base components. For every foundation the QuickSet system is in across the country, we’re sequestering waste plastic away for anywhere from decades to hundreds of years.

We’ve removed the need to strip formwork by using a singular product that serves as both the formwork and the insulation in a foundation. By doing so, we’ve reduced the amount of material that needs to be made and transported to site for each foundation, and this massively shrinks our carbon footprint.


A System that Makes Sense

We use PVC foam board as insulation in our system, which is a tough, dense material with a high impact strength. It absorbs less than one percent moisture, holds its own insulating properties and is self-extinguishing—making it the perfect material to be used for the outside of a foundation.
Although the PVC foam board is pre-finished and has UV stabilisers built into the board, to provide a minimum of 50 years of durability, it is required to be painted in UV exposed areas.

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