Installation Demo

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The QuickSet system comes in 2430mm lengths. Four recycled plastic stirrups are used per length, with a powder-coated H-section joiner and a 90-degree external/internal corner soaker.

The base features an intuitive click-together system, consisting of three pieces: A 90-degree external corner base; a 90-degree internal corner base; and a 600mm straight piece, each of which clip together. The system is cut to size on-site to desired lengths.

Both the QuickSet form and QuickSet base can be easily modified on-site for different configurations, e.g., unequal angles and wing walls.

The QuickSet base system is designed to be directly clipped together over a damp proof membrane to achieve edge insulation; however, to create a fully insulated system, it can be further supplemented with 25mm, 50mm, or 75mm of base insulation.

Coming by the end of 2022, 385mm and 400mm sizes will also be added to our range and will be suitable for 300mm pod systems.

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