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Introducing QuickEdge
QuickEdge is an innovative edge insulation solution for foundation work, compatible with traditional formwork. Its key benefits include:
  • Durability: Built to last, ensuring long-term performance.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitively priced to offer excellent value.
  • Eco-Friendly: Designed to reduce onsite waste, supporting sustainable construction practices.
  • Thermal Efficiency: Offers similar thermal properties to the rest of our products, with QuickEdge Taper and QuickEdge Ultra matching QuickSet Taper and QuickSet Ultra, with QuickEdge Brick slightly below QuickSet Rebate.
  • Size Variety: Available in multiple sizes, including 305, 320, 340, 385, 400, 420, and 600 mm, to suit various project requirements.
The recommended retail pricing for QuickEdge’s variants is listed below. We recommend talking to your merchant to learn more about their trade pricing.
QuickEdge Taper
  • 305 mm priced at $39.88/m (excl. GST)
  • 385 mm priced at $44.40/m (excl. GST)

QuickEdge Ultra

  • 305 mm priced at $42.30/m (excl. GST)
  • 385 mm priced at $46.81/m (excl. GST)

QuickEdge Brick

  • 305 mm priced at $30.55/m (excl. GST)
  • 385 mm priced at $35.25/m (excl. GST)
Getting Started
Interested in using QuickEdge? Send your building plans through to [email protected] and we’ll provide a free takeoff for your project, giving you peace of mind about how QuickEdge fits in to the big picture.
QuickEdge Taper
QuickEdge Ultra


Using QuickEdge

This section of the installation guide covers custom cuts, specifically custom base cuts and angled form cuts.

It provides instructions for making cuts to the base or form units to fit specific design requirements, ensuring a proper and accurate fit in unique or irregular shaped spaces.

QuickEdge Installation Overview

QuickEdge Rebates, Custom Corners and Cutting Methods

QuickEdge Rebate Overview

QuickEdge WANZ Bar Installation

Looking for QuickEdge detailing?

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