Frequently Asked Questions

What concrete can I use?

The system has been designed to be used with Allied Concrete. However, if Allied Concrete isn’t available, then any concrete may be substituted as long as it matches the plans and specifications.

What concrete do I need to use for the Codemark?

Allied Concrete must be used in conjunction with the codemark.

Is QuickSet only able to be used with the QPOD pod system?

No, but QPOD is QuickSet’s first choice for a pod system. This is due to their use of recycled plastic and the structural superiority of their 1100 × 1100 pod.

What pod systems can be used with QuickSet?

QuickSet is designed to work with all pod systems, including a 300mm pod by the end of 2022.

Can I build my own QuickSet now?

In late 2022, the system will be available from all leading merchants and will be able to be installed by a LBP-licensed professional as it usually is a consented product.

Where do I get QuickSet from now?

Simply contact us and we will direct you to your closest trained installer.

Can QuickSet be used on unequal angles (e.g., not 90 degrees)?

Yes, a basic mitre saw and grey Marley glue are needed to achieve this on site.

What size concrete slab toppings can QuickSet be used with?

QuickSet is compatible with 85mm, 100mm, and 120mm slab topping heights.

Can underfloor heating be used with QuickSet?

Yes, QuickSet recommends a 120mm slab topping which will be a 340mm size form. Or a 400mm slab with a 100mm slab topping on a 300mm pod system.

Is QuickSet cost effective?

In terms of an insulated edge system, QuickSet is priced much the same as other products on the market once finished.

Does QuickSet need to be replaced in 15 years, as other edge insulation products do?

No, QuickSet is designed to last the life of the building as long as the above is followed.

Is QuickSet available in Australia?

It will be in the near future.

What is the external edge of QuickSet made of?

It is made of PVC foam board. The board features insulating properties, has a high impact strength, holds less than 1% moisture, and is self-extinguishing, making it the perfect material for an external edge.

What finishing does the QuickSet edge require?

Although the PVC foam board is pre-finished and has UV stabilisers built into it, it must be painted in UV exposed areas to provide a minimum of 50 years of durability as per BRANZ appraisal.

Can you fix a QuickSet foundation if a mistake is made or if a bow occurs due to poor craftmanship?

Yes, QuickSet is much the same as any concrete slab with issues. QuickSet will need to be removed using carpentry skills, slab remedied and QuicKSet reattached possibly without back XPS layer using carpentry skills. It is the same as looking at a conventional slab being flush cut then plastered.