Base Assembly

This section details the steps for putting together QuickSet’s bases. The videos include tips on measuring walls, efficiently connecting components, and assembling the system’s modular components alongside one another.

3.1 — Base Installation Overview

3.2 — External Corner Placement off Big Square

3.3 — Write Measurements of Walls on External Base

3.4 — External Corner to Straight Base

3.5 — Pulling Measurement to Cut Last Base Straight Piece

3.6 — Cutting Straight Base With Sliding Compound Drop Saw

3.7 — Inserting Cut Base, Removing Tab off Base And Connecting to External Corner Base

3.8 — Connecting Straight to External Corner

3.9 — How to Do an Internal Corner When Wall Is Under 600 mm (Part One)

3.10 — How to Do an Internal Corner When Wall Is Under 600 mm (Part Two)

3.11 — Using Internal Corner Base When Wall Is Greater Than 600MM

3.12 — Pulling Wall Measurement From Internal Corner

3.13 — Up Close Internal Wall Measurement

3.14 — Laying Insulation Underneath Base

3.15 — QuickSet Blockwork Form Receiver


Widgets & Stirrups

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