Brick Rebates

Section 9 of the QuickSet system installation guide focuses on the QuickSet Brick Rebate, its use in corners, cutting, and placement.

The section explains the steps for cutting the rebate, how to place it in corners, and how to place the rebate stirrups. The importance of staggering the joins of the rebate is emphasized, as well as the process of making mitre cuts and using rebate clips.

The QuickSet Brick Rebate is a key component in creating a smooth transition between the QuickSet system and the brickwork, and this section provides clear instructions for cutting, placing, and using the rebate, ensuring proper installation.

9.1 — Brick Rebate Product

9.2 — Overview of Rebate Product Breakdown

9.3 — Lining up Corners & Joins Utilising Brick Rebate Clip

9.4 — Fixing Corner and H Section Joiner

9.5 — Fixing Form to Up-Stand

9.6 — Pulling and Cutting a Measurement

9.7 — Inserting Cut Board From Measure

9.8 — Returning Form Around Corner

9.9 — Overview of External Corner to External Corner

9.10 — Overview of External Wall to Internal Corner

9.11 — Overview of Brick Rebate, Stirrup and Widget Size

9.12 — Rebate Stirrup Placement

9.13 — Placing Steel Before Brick Rebate

9.14 — Overview of QuickSet Rebate Molded Corners

9.14a — Overview to Install Brick Rebate

9.15a — External Rebate Molded Corner

9.15b — Internal Rebate Molded Corner

9.15c — The Importance of Staggering Joins

9.16 — Cutting a Mitre Cut With a Drop Saw

9.17 — Inserting Mitred Rebate

9.18 — Fixing Rebate Pieces Together to Form

9.19 — Fitting and Fixing Next Rebate

9.20 — Stitching Rebate Using Widgets

9.21 — Fitting Your Last Rebate

9.22 — Fitting and Fixing Your External Corner

9.23 — Mitre Cutting Brick Clip

9.24 — Clipping and Gluing Rebate Brick Clip

9.25 — External to Internal Measurement for Brick Rebate

9.26 — Final Stages of Brick Rebate


Rebate Connections

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