Steel Reinforcement

Section 6 of the QuickSet system installation guide covers the process of feeding the steel reinforcement, including the corner steel (L bars), top steel, and laying and tying the mesh.

This section outlines the steps for preparing and installing the steel reinforcement, which is used to strengthen the concrete structure and ensure its stability.

The process involves feeding the reinforcement steel, including the corner steel (L bars) and top steel, into the form and laying the mesh over the top.

The mesh is then tied to the reinforcement steel to ensure that it remains securely in place and can provide the necessary support during the pouring process.

This section provides comprehensive instructions for feeding and installing the steel reinforcement and tying the mesh, and is a critical step in the QuickSet system installation process.

6.1 — Feeding Steel Solo

6.2 — Feeding Steel With Two People

6.3 — Feeding Corner Steel (L Bars)

6.4 — Top Steel

6.5 — Importance of Laying Mesh

6.6 — Tying Mesh

6.7 — Heavy Steel Detail with Stirrups


Height Adjustment

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